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Investor relations FAQs

General Questions

In which exchange is Arihant Capital Markets Limited (ARIHANT) shares listed and traded? What are the stock symbols / codes under which ARIHANT is traded?
The ARIHANT shares are traded in India on the Bombay Stock Exchange Limited (BSE)

The ARIHANT stock symbol / codes are:
Scrip Code No. 511605


Did ARIHANT have a different name earlier?


When did ARIHANT have its IPO?
ARIHANT had its IPO through the book building route in October 1994.The stock was listed and first traded in January 1995.


What was the par value and the issue price?
At the time of IPO, the face value was Rs 10 per share and the issue price was Rs 10 per share. However, the company had undergone a split in 2010 and since then the face value of the stock is Rs 5.


How do I get more investor information on ARIHANT?
Company Secretary
Arihant Capital Markets Limited
6, Lad Colony
Indore – 452003, (M.P.)
Tel (Board): (0731) 3016100 / 4217100  (Extn. 192)
Fax: (0731) 3016199 Email:


What is the registered office address of Arihant?
The registered office address of Arihant Capital Markets Ltd is:

E-5 Ratlam Kothi
Amit Apartment
Indore – 452001


What do I do if I have not received dividends?
If you haven’t received your dividend warrants (physically or through ECS), you can write to us with your name and folio no. at:

Company Secretary
Arihant Capital Markets Limited
6, Lad Colony
Indore – 452003, (M.P.)
Tel (Board): (0731) 3016100 / 4217100  (Extn. 192)
Fax: (0731) 3016199 Email:

Upon receipt of your request letter, our executive will process your request and will send you the dividend warrant. Please make sure that your contact address is updated with us.

Holding Shares

Who do I contact to get my shares registered, transferred or change my contact details?
Please contact ARIHANT's Registrar & Share Transfer Agent (R&ST) below for transfer of shares:

Ankit Consultancy Pvt. Ltd.
Plot No. 60,
Electronic Complex 
Indore – 452010, (M.P.)

Tel. No. : 0731-3198601,3198602
Fax No. : 0731 4065798
Contact Person: Mr. Akhilesh Gautam, Compliance Officer.

Share Transfer System: All physical share transfers are handled by Ankit

Consultancy Pvt. Ltd. (ACPL). The transferee is required to furnish the transfer deed with all the details filled in, along with the share certificates, to ACPL at the above address to enable it to process the transfer.

Dematerialized shares can transferred through the dematerialized accounts of the transferor/s and transferee/s maintained with recognized depository participants.


Should I attend the Annual General Meeting?
The Annual General Meeting (AGM) is your opportunity to become directly involved in company decisions. You will be asked to vote on important matters and may, if you wish, ask questions relating to those matters. The AGM is also an opportunity to meet the Chairman, Board of Directors and other shareholders.


Buying and selling shares

How do I buy or sell ARIHANT shares?
To buy and sell shares of Arihant capital markets ltd. you need to open a share trading account
You can buy or sell shares through ARIHANT capital markets ltd.
For online trading, Invest Ease can be used for the occasional transaction or for frequent traders who prefer to hold their own share certificates. While active traders can trade using Market Master. Classic Trade trading can be used if you want telephone dealing.


Can I authorise another person to deal in my shares? If so, should I report this to Arihant Capital Markets?
Yes, you can authorise another person to deal in your shares by executing a power of attorney in favour of the person concerned and submit a notarised copy of the same to Arihant Capital Markets Limited or Ankit Consultancy Pvt. Ltd., R&ST agent, for registration. After doing a scrutiny of the documents, we will register the power of attorney and send you the registration number for future reference.


Financial Result Announcement

What is ARIHANT's fiscal year?
The 12 month period from April 1 to March 31.


When does ARIHANT report financial results? What is ARIHANT's financial Calendar?
The full year and quarterly results are announced in every fiscal year.

The quarterly results are reported a few weeks after the quarter ending. The quarter ends on June 30th, September 30th, December 31st and March 31st.

The full year audited results are announced in May every year.


Loss of Share Certificates

If I lose my share certificates, how can I obtain duplicates of the same?
If you lose your share certificates, you should immediately write to Arihant Capital Markets Limited at its Registered Office address or to Ankit Consultancy Pvt. Ltd., R&ST agent at 2nd Floor Alankar Point, 4A, Rajgad Kothi, Geeta Bhawan Chouraha, Indore -452001 (M.P.).

You should provide details of the share certificates lost, including folio number, number of shares and other relevant information. The letter has to carry the signature of the first holder as per the specimen signature recorded with Arihant Capital Markets Limited. The company, after checking the details and signatures, will mark a cautionary stop on the folio to prevent any transfer of lost share certificates. Once we receive such a request, we or the R&ST agent will send you the complete procedure to obtain duplicate share certificates.

In the meanwhile, you should lodge a complaint with the police regarding the loss of share certificates.


 What action should I take if I manage to find share certificates that were earlier reported as lost?
In this case, you should immediately surrender the share certificates to Arihant Capital Markets Limited at its registered office or to Ankit Consultancy Pvt. Ltd, R&ST agent, if the duplicate share certificates have been issued. However, if you find the original share certificates before you have completed the procedure to obtain duplicate copies, you can inform Arihant Capital Markets Limited at its registered office or Ankit Consultancy Pvt. Ltd at the earliest so that the caution marked on those certificates can be removed.

Transmission of shares

In the case of joint holdings, if one shareholder dies, how do the surviving shareholders get the shares in their names?
The surviving shareholders will have to submit a request letter supported by an attested copy of the death certificate of the deceased shareholder and the relevant share certificates.
Once we receive these documents, we will delete the name of the deceased shareholder from our records and return the share certificates to the applicant / registered holder with the necessary endorsement.


If a shareholder who held shares in his sole name dies without leaving a will, how can his legal heir/s (husband/ wife/ son/ daughter, etc) get the shares transmitted in their names?The legal heirs should obtain a Succession Certificate or Letter of Administration with respect to the shares and a true copy of the same, duly attested by the court officer, or notary, should be sent to Arihant Capital Markets Limited. They should also send a request letter along with all the original share certificates, for transmission in their favour.


If the deceased family member who held shares in his/ her own name (single) had left a will, how does the legal heir/s get the shares transmitted in their names?
The legal heirs will have to get the will probated by the high court/district court of competent jurisdiction and then send us a copy of the probated copy of the will, along with relevant schedule/annexure setting out the details of the shares, the relevant original share certificates and transmission form for transmission.