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Our Culture and People | Business Principles

Our culture and people

Arihant's culture is characterized by five key qualities: commitment to clients, integrity, excellence, strive for profitability and innovation. Integral to our corporate culture is our total dedication to superior client service, reliability and transparency in all our transactions. At Arihant we believe our client's success is our success.

Independence and ownership of work is blended in our culture which helps in creating entrepreneurs within the organization and gives a feeling of ownership to our employees. Our people feel a close relationship to Arihant. They associate their success with the company's growth and this strong sense of belonging has helped us grow over the years.

We believe that our commitment to the interests of our clients proves our value to them. We have a strong corporate culture that is based on firmly held beliefs.

We offer equal opportunity and tremendous growth potential to individuals who have the right talent and a commitment to excellence. Along with our reputation and clients, our people are our most valuable asset.

To maintain our competitive edge and meet the high expectations of our clients, our culture continues to evolve.

We aspire to be the best financial services company in India. To achieve this goal, we focus relentlessly on carrying out our business principles, which are fundamental to everything we do.

Business principles
  • Our clients' growth is our primary objective. We believe that if our client’s wealth will grow, ours will eventually follow.
  • Every advice that we will give, would be in the interest of the client. We want to work towards making financial services available and affordable to all by offering the right advice. Make things simpler for investors.
  • We believe that our clients deserve the best. Our idea is not simply offering a product or service, but it is building a relationship with clients based on trust, reliability, understanding and respect.
  • We believe that righteousness is very important in every sphere of life, including business. We therefore strive to be open and honest with ourselves, our colleagues and our shareholders.
  • We work as a family which is responsible for the growth of our client. Every person in our company works towards the benefit of the client.
  • We realize the need to constantly change and update ourselves to meet our clients' upcoming needs in this burgeoning world of finance. We constantly endeavour to anticipate the rapidly changing needs of our customers and develop services to meet those needs.
  • Integrity and honesty are at the heart of our business. We seek to achieve the highest standards of professional conduct and ethics, to prevent and detect wrongdoing, and to govern ourselves in accordance with relevant rules and regulations and in adherence to compliance set by various regulatory bodies governing us. While we try to be perfect, we might make mistakes occasionally, and when it comes under our observation, we take immediate steps to rectify those errors and set things right.