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Whether you want to invest independently, want help managing your portfolio or want us to manage it for you, you’ll get investment guidance and portfolio planning that suits your needs.

You’ll benefit from expert advice, fact-based guidance and support from someone who is genuinely interested in your growth. Plus, you have various investment products to choose from.

Our sole objective?

To help you achieve your goals.


Get the investment solution that’s right for you
You want help managing your own portfolio
You want us to manage your portfolio for you

Arihant gives you access to research, tools, resources and market experts to help you make prudent investment decisions. You’ll benefit from:

  • Arihant’s comprehensive research
  • Market insights and actionable investing strategies from Arihant’s experts - daily technical and intra-day calls
  • Daily News impact analysis and market outlook
  • Multi-channel investment options
  • Online charting tools
  • Access to best trading platforms in the industry


Manage your Portfolio the way you like

Invest independently: Comprehensive research and tools to help you select investments, evaluate opportunities, and develop investing strategies. Access to a broad range of investment choices, including stocks, derivatives, mutual funds, IPO and commodities.

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Invest with guidance (Advisory Services): One-on-one advice to clarify your goals and help you choose the right investment approach to match your needs and investing style.

  • Arihant Private Client Group lets you work with a team of investment professionals who will develop a diversified portfolio and provide ongoing advice on equities, derivatives, mutual funds, IPO and commodities*
  • Arihant gives you access to expert portfolio managers, and offers portfolio customization and tax efficiencies to help you make most of your hard earned money

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*commodities advice is provided only upon request from our commodities experts

Choose the product that matches your investment goals


This is a comparative illustration of risk and return only. Within each category individual investments will offer a variety of risk/return characteristics. For example a particular commodity may be less risky than some mutual.

Your attitude towards risk and your priorities in life will determine what investment option would be the best for you.

The first step when investing would be to clarify your priorities. It is important to consider the level of risk that you can take. Investments that carry a high level of risk, such as equities, generate higher returns but they can be subject to higher volatility. Another important consideration is whether you are looking for your investments to generate income. If the answer is yes, then a low-risk instrument that would offer stable returns, like bonds, would be appropriate for you. However, these instruments often deliver returns at or slightly above the inflation rate.

Take a positive step toward your financial success

Contact  At Arihant we want to help you meet your financial goals. With us you can rest assured that you get the right advice. To know more about how we can work with you, to make your money work harder, email us or call us. We’ll be happy to discuss your investment needs. Or if you are unsure about how and where do you want to invest then will help you get started.



We are here for you

If you need help with your account or additional information, please email us or call us at 022-42254800.

To find the Arihant Investor Center nearest you, click here.

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Did you know?

By spreading your total holdings across different sectors and styles, you may reduce your downside exposure to any one area and ensure your participation in the upside potential of other areas.

We can diversify your assets to help balance risk with investment potential.*