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What can I invest in with Arihant?

We offer you’re a diversified basket of product offerings that you can invest in namely Equities, Derivatives, Commodities, Mutual Funds and IPO.

Does it cost me anything to open an account?

Opening a trading or depository account is free of cost with Arihant. However, opening of demat account requires stamp charges to be paid, which will be chargeable.

What documents are required to open a trading account?

List of documents required to open a trading account:

  • Proof of Identity – Copy of PAN Card (3 Copies self attested )
  • Proof of Address – Copy of any one of the following (Self Attested)
    • Passport
    • Ration card
    • Voter’s ID 
    • Driving license
    • Electricity bill (not more than 2 months old)
    • Landline Telephone Bill(not more than 2 months old)
    • Bank Pass Book
  • Bank Proof – Copy of Bank Pass Book or Personalized Cheque leaf
  • Demat Account Proof – Demat Account Statement or Account Opening Letter (If you have a Demat Account)
  • Photograph – 2 (Two) recent passport-size photographs
  • Account opening Cheque to be drawn in favour of “Arihant Capital Markets Ltd”

For Online Trading customers:

In addition to the above documents, you need to submit an Online Trading Registration Form.

For more information on documentary requirements or to open an account click here.

How can I get a copy of an Arihant’s Research Reports?

Equity research is generally available only to the clients of Arihant; please contact your Financial Advisor. Some research reports are available to the general public. Please call your local Arihant office/investment center or contact our customer service department.

How much money should I put in for investments?

To begin with, you should invest an amount that you would be willing to keep invested for long-term, say a period of 2 to 5 years. You don't have to necessarily block this amount for a long term and if price goes up in a few months time then you can very well sell the shares and make profit.

However, mentally you should not expect to withdraw your money for short-term needs. If the company you have invested is the right pick and you are willing to wait till the price goes up then you would benefit over a longer period of time.

What type of account do I need to trade online?

You will have to open either an Invest Ease or tradingMaster account to trade online. The former is an online trading account designed especially for investors or seasoned investors.  Trading Masteraccount is for active traders. For more information click here.

Does Arihant offer derivatives trading?

Arihant offers direct access to the futures and options markets through our trading platforms. If you are not comfortable trading online, then we have offline channels to trade in derivatives.

Futures and Options involve risk and are not suitable for all investors. Prior to buying or selling an option, it is important that you read the Risk Disclosure Document. No statement in the documents should be construed as a recommendation to buy or sell a security or to provide investment advice. Derivatives are not suitable for all investors, and you must balance the opportunities of options trading with the corresponding risks involved.

Does Arihant send account statements? Can I view my statements online?

Arihant sends you your trading account statement every 6-months and your demat account statement every quarter.

You can view your current Trading and Depository statements online – anytime, anywhere through our Online BackOffice Support that can be accessed through our Web site. These reports may be downloaded to your computer where you may then print or save the statement.

The trading data reports are available for viewing everyday, 24 hours a day. The trade data of current trading day is usually updated by 18:30 hrs.