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Viewing Your Statements and Reports Online

Does Arihant have online access to transaction reports?

Arihant offers you complete online Backoffice Support, wherein you can view all your transaction reports, profit and loss account online.

How do I view my statements and reports online?

Visit the link: and log in using your username and password to view all your statements and reports online. This username and password is provided to you when you open an account with us.

Can I view my depository account details online?

Yes, with Arihant you can view all your transaction details of your depository account online – anytime, anywhere.

What kind of account reports may I view online?

Arihant has created various reports and statements to help you monitor and display all aspects of your account activity with us. Our Online Backoffice Center helps you to get information all your dealings pertaining to your trading, fund movements, profit and loss with us online – 24/7.

The reports available through our Online Backoffice Center are as follows*:

  • Global Report - shows all your buying and selling activity and the profits/losses for all trades executed and even unrealized profit/loss on one specific date or during a range of dates. This report is available for your cash as well as derivative segment transactions. Download to a spreadsheet for easy manipulation, processing and tax reporting.

    Under Global Report you have various report options that outlines all your trading details and the profit/loss arising.
    • Transaction Profit and Loss: This report provides a summary of your profit and loss scrip wise using first in/first out. Each purchase and sale transaction details are outlined with purchase quantity and price.
    • Sauda Cash/Sauda Derivatives: Provides a summary of each transaction scrip wise. This will allow you to calculate your tax liabilities easily.
  • Financial Statement - Provides a summary of all your account positions and balances in your trading account or your margin account on a particular trading day or during a range of dates. This area will allow you to view the cash activity in your account such as wires, check deposits, journal entries and fees incurred, daily bills and your outstanding position with Arihant, i.e. receivable or obligations.
  • Client’s Bill – You can view your bill online on one specific date.
  • Share I/O – Gives a summary of your beneficiary balance.

Note: In order to view these reports, you must be an Arihant client.
* This is not a comprehensive list. There are many other reports available online.

Can I download these reports?

Yes you can download all your reports into an excel file for easy viewing and analysis.

What if I need help in getting to know the reports?

When you login, you will see a Help Page on the left menu. When you click on the Help Page, a pdf document will open that will give you a brief on all the reports and their contents.

Need Help?

If you are unable to find the answer to your question in our Help Centre please call our Customer Services team on 0731-3016100 or
022-42254800 or
email us.



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