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Trading Services

Arihant Capital Markets Ltd’s institutional trading desk offers unparalleled trading in large sized blocks as well as smaller-sized order flow. We offer trading services in equities and derivatives in both the leading stock exchanges of India. Our dealers have extensive market experience to provide executions based on our individual clients' needs.

We abstain from committing capital or trading our own accounts to avoid any potential conflict of interest while executing our clients' orders. Our goals are strictly aligned with our clients for anonymity, confidentiality, low cost and superior execution.

Our dealers understand our clients' needs and how to add value to their organization by developing closely aligned relationships with each client. They also stay in constant touch with the clients and provide them timely information and advice. We strive to be the broker-dealer that all of our clients know to trust.

We have implemented state-of-the-art technology to facilitate client trading. We use a variety of electronic and computer-based trading systems to provide liquidity and efficiency to client orders.