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Crorepati Calculator
You know how much money you need and when you need it, but need to know how much to invest to achieve your financial goal. Arihant Crorepati Calculator is the answer. This calculator will help you decide how much money you should invest every month to achieve your financial goal for a better tomorrow.
Amount you wish to accumulate – your  financial goal in figures                
(Do not use decimals or commas in the amount E.g. Rs 100000)
What is the time-frame to achieve this financial goal?   years
What is the expected rate of return on this investment?   % per annum
 You should save Rs every month to achieve your financial goal or to become Crorepati

Disclaimer: The Arihant Crorepati Calculator is for general use and educational purpose only. This tool may help you in planning your future but it is not a substitute for any kind of financial planning and should not be construed as providing any kind of investment advice. The various taxes, fees or any other charges can reduce the returns you may get on your actual investments and are not considered in this tool. Inflation is not factored in this calculation. Please consult a financial advisor before making any investment. Arihant Capital Markets Ltd will not take any liability whatsoever nor will it accept any responsibility for any financial or non-financial consequences arising from the use of the tool by any person or entity.