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Activities and Tools

Sometimes interactive experience makes it easier to understand and follow even the most difficult tasks. Take some time out to go explore this section. The various tools, calculators and activities will help you in managing your finances and understand basic financial concepts.

Saving and Budgeting Tools


Saving and Budgeting Tools Calculator
Saving and Budgeting Tools

Spending Tracker

To meet your financial goals you need to understand the importance of saving and to save keeping a check on your expenses is crucial. You need to ask yourself, "Am I living beyond my means?" If you are, to stop living from pay to pay you must cut back. But to cut back, you need to know where every rupee is going. And that's why you need to use a spending tracker.

Spending TrackerUsing your spending tracker, you should write down what you spend every day. So you need to record all those daily costs like lunches, coffees, taxi ride, shoe shopping. Not the fixed bills, but spending that's all too easy to forget.

The main purpose of the spending tracker is to help you plug up spending leaks. If money’s slipping through your fingers, this tracker will show you where it’s going. Once you’ve tracked all your spending and recorded where your money is going you can then look at every cost to see if it can be reduced or even eliminated. If you can find cheaper alternatives, cut back or even not buy things you find you don’t really need, you’ll be well on your way to achieving the savings goals you’ve set for yourself.

Download the Spending Tracker pdf

Personal Budgeting


Download the Personal Budgeting Tool Excel


SIP Calculator

SIP CalculatorGet the SIP calculator to calculate your future wealth. Systematic Investment Plan helps you invest regularly and benefit from the power of compounding. Start early and invest regularly are the two commandments of your path to financial success and with SIP you can easily attain that.

The Systematic Investment Plan calculator will show you how a small investment made every month can yield much greater returns over a period of time.

Click here for SIP Calculator

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