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ari-Trade advantage

We make trading convenient with our state-of-the–art trading and market tools.

Here’s why you should trade with Arihant?

Ease, Experience and Convenience—from opening your account to accessing research.

  • Specialised dedicated team for online trading that offers complete support - whenever you want it, however you want it.
  • A powerful trading platform that helps you stay ahead in the market with the very best in trading technologies.
  • Access to tools and research to optimise your investing. ari-Trade gives you the ability to invest smartly.
  • Hassle-free transactions, with no paperwork.
  • Easily manage your information with Arihant’s integrated back-office service.
  • Competitive brokerage charges.

At Arihant, we are passionate about providing the best to you. Our online trading team is active to help you with any support or queries.

We can help you make more informed investing decisions with powerful, Arihant research on equities (fundamental and technical), derivative strategies, market analysis and outlook and IPO.


Advantages of online trading

Online trading is a convenient, quick and smart way of trading in the equity markets.

  • Online trading helps you to trade anytime, anywhere – better, smarter and the way you want. You no longer need to communicate buy/sell orders to your dealer.
  • Instant price updates on your trading portal and the facility to modify/cancel your orders till the point that they are executed.
  • You get trade confirmations in an instant so any errors in judgment can be quickly rectified.
  • Reduced paperwork. You don’t need to sign and submit demat slips with the depository while selling shares. You don’t even need to write cheques while purchasing shares.
  • Online trading systems do not differentiate between small and big investors or small and large trades, unlike a dealer who may favour investors with larger investments since that would mean a higher brokerage.

For a demo of our powerful trading platform, click here.

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Did you know?

An investor using a simple long-term investing strategy can save a lot to taxes.

If you keep your investments for more than a year, you save on Long Term Capital Gains Tax.

We want you to make the most of your investments.



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