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Tradable commodities

Arihant offers futures trading in a variety of commodities:

Energy – natural gas, crude oil, Brent crude oil, furnace oil, M.E. sour crude oil

Fibre – cotton, kapas, raw jute

Grains – soyabean, urad, chana, lemon tur, Indian raw rice, masur, yellow peas

Oil and oil seeds – castor oil, castor seeds, coconut cake, coconut oil, cotton seed, crude palm oil, groundnut oil, kapasia khalli, mustard oil, mustard seed, RBD palmolein, refined soya oil, refined sunflower oil, rice bran DOC, rice bran refined oil, sesame seed, soymeal, soy bean, soy seed

Metals – gold, silver, copper, zinc, aluminium, steel, tin, nickel, sponge iron, lead

Petrochemicals – high-density polyethylene, polyethylene, PVC, polyvinyl chloride

Plantations – arecanut, coffee, cashew kernel, rubber

Spices – red chilly, jeera, cardamom, turmeric, pepper

Others - sugar, potato, gurchaku, mentha oil, guar gum, guar, gur, mulberry raw silk

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*This list of tradable commodities is not comprehensive. Arihant allows trading in all the commodities traded on MCX and NCDEX Exchanges. For more information on tradable commodities, please visit www.mcxindia.com and www.ncdex.com