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Depository services

Dematerialisation: We offer you dematerialisation facility to convert your physical share certificate holdings into electronic form. All you have to do is open a DP account with us in the name in which the share certificates are held. Thereafter, our executives will help you with filling-up the Dematerialisation Request Form (DRF) and submitting the form along with the share certificates to complete the dematerialisation request. For each scrip, a separate DRF is required.

Re-materialisation: At your request, we will provide you rematerialisation facility to convert your electronic holdings back to physical share certificates. All you have to do is open a DP account with ARIHANT. If you already have a DP account with us then just fill-up Rematerialization request form [RRF] and submit the completely filled RRF to any of our branches.

Transfer and settlement: Once you open an account with us, you will get the prompt and efficient service to get your shares transferred and also settle your transactions. With Arihant Demat account, you do not lose out on market opportunities as the securities are available in your account immediately after pay out (T+2 settlement). There are no cumbersome transfer deeds to be signed and bonus and rights shares are credited by issuers directly into your demat account. We will also provide you off-market transfer of your shares or commodities upon your request. To avail transfer and settlement services, all you need is to provide us delivery or standing instruction slip duly filled.

Pledge and Hypothecation: We also offer you pledge/ hypothecation services for the securities held in demat form. Pledging of shares will enable you to obtain loans against your dematerialised shares. So you get liquidity without having to sell your shares. Pledge of securities in NSDL & CSDL depository requires that both the borrower (pledgor) and the lender (pledgee) should have a demat account with ARIHANT DP.

Freezing & de-freezing: You can get your demat account frozen so that you can freeze/lock your account for any period of time. During that period no debits/credits can be made from/to your account. Say, you are likely to be out of station for some time, and then you may instruct ARIHANT DP to freeze your account, so that you are not charged anything for the period your account is frozen. To freeze/unfreeze your account, you simply need to fill the Freeze or defreeze form by correctly mentioning your Demat Account No (Client ID).

Corporate benefits:With Arihant demat account you get the corporate entitlements like bonus or rights allotment directly credited in your account electronically. To avail this service all you have to do is choose the right option in the share application form.

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