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To make investing easier, quicker and convenient you need a well-resourced account. As a leading depository participant with both the apex depositories in India, Arihant offers you a demat account equipped with a range of features, especially designed for you to make your money work harder for you.

Depository services from Arihant are committed to offering you the best.

Arihant demat account

Arihant is a depository participant (DP) with both the apex depositories in India - National Securities Depository limited (NSDL) and Central Depository Services of India Limited (CDSL). We offer dematerialisation (demat) services to individual and corporate investors - a service which is secure, convenient and tailored to meet the need for speed and efficiency that are an absolute necessity while trading in the markets. 

An Arihant demat account is an efficient way of keeping your shares, commodities and other eligible securities in a dematerialised form through electronic holdings.

With ARIHANT you will have the dual benefit of executing your transactions through our broking services and using our depository services to settle them. If you want swiftness and convenience while dealing in shares, securities and commodities, there’s nothing better than a Arihant demat account.

Features and benefits

Features and Benefits
When you choose to avail our services, you can be sure of getting the best.
Our demat account is especially designed to give you an edge in the investment fraternity.

  • Seamless Transactions - By integrating your trading account, we ensure the quick and efficient movement of your shares and other securities during settlement.
  • 24/7 Online Access - Making things simpler for you is always our top priority. With Arihant demat account you have easy access to your holdings and transactions anytime, anywhere through Arihant online backoffice access.
  • No Minimum Balance – You don’t need a minimum balance in your demat account.
  • Excellent Customer Service – You get the benefit of a dedicated team that works exclusively in the demat department to take care of your needs.
  • Efficient Service – We offer you guaranteed and timely execution of your transactions.
  • Regular Statements – You get a unique transaction-cum-holding-cum-billing statement every quarter to enable you to keep track of your transactions and investments.
  • Corporate Benefit Tracking - Track your dividend, interest and bonus through your account statement.
  • Paperless Trading - You have the option of availing the benefit of paperless trading through our state-of-art system.
  • Safety and Security – Now say goodbye to the risk of loss and theft of your securities. You don’t even need to worry anymore about bad deliveries, delays in processing, forgeries and duplicate share certificates. At Arihant, we take complete care of your investments, so your money works hard for you.
Invest right with the ARI-advantage

The Arihant demat account has a special feature that integrates your Arihant trading account with your Arihant Demat account. When you execute your trades, shares can be seamlessly moved from your linked demat account to settle your trades.

All this coupled with our excellent customer service and support will make your trading experience an easy and enjoyable one.

Open a demat account with Arihant today and experience the convenience and security of holding and trading shares in electronic form.

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Use our depository services to convert them into demat form.





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Don’t wait for the right time to invest: it may never come or you may miss it when it does. The essential truth of successful investing is that it isn’t about timing the markets, but about time in the markets.

Our experience shows that the difference in performance between exceptional timing and simply investing immediately and regularly is often quite small.