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Overview | Derivatives: In Brief


For the mature investor, who is aware of risks in the market, derivatives can be an important tool, even for the most conservative investor*. Derivatives trading solutions, including options and futures, offer the potential to profit from your view of future price fluctuations (both rises and falls) without holding actual shares or assets. Derivatives lets you trade in a large number of stocks and Indices for a small margin. They are often used by investors as a risk management tool to protect the value of their portfolio from adverse market movements.

Arihant - your best “option” for derivatives trading

We at Arihant have made trading in derivatives easier for you. We offer trading in all equity derivatives instruments with complete advice and support. Whether you want to generate income, reduce risk, or speculate on the market, we give you:

  • Fast, flexible order entry
  • A dedicated derivatives service team to help you place trades
  • Powerful order routing through our online platform
  • Daily trading strategies to yield good returns
  • Competitive brokerage
  • Hedging advice for your portfolio

We deliver all that you need to spot potential opportunities and act on them fast.

Features and Benefits
Features and Benefits

Derivatives, if used correctly, are great instruments for making profits, hedging and leveraging your portfolio. When you trade with Arihant, you get support from derivatives experts who can provide your solutions tailored to your needs - to maximise your gains.

  • Access to sophisticated trading tools, daily derivative strategies, market commentary and market outlook to help you make smart investment decisions.
  • Complete support and smart advice from our research team through regular research reports, SMS alerts, technical analysis, real-time charts and news to help you evaluate opportunities and develop investment strategies.
  • Access to sophisticated trading tools, daily derivative strategies, market commentary and market outlook to help you make smart investment decisions

But that's not all. It is our constant endeavour to understand your needs and make every effort to fulfil them. Your growth is our objective.

Product Description

Trade stock and index futures on NSE

Key Features

  • Going "short" is as easy as going "long"
  • Generate income with low margins requirements and high leverage
  • Access to excellent market research, execution and clearing facilities

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Increase your exposure with options traded on the NSE

Key Features

  • Profit from your view about the future direction of a stock or index, even without holding the underlying stocks
  • Insure against a fall in price of a particular stock
  • Generate income by selling or writing options against your existing holding of stocks

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How to get started?

Just follow simple 3-step method to start trading in Derivatives. Click here to know more

*Derivatives carry a high level of risk and are not suitable for all investors. Certain requirements must be met to trade options through Arihant. Please read the Derivatives Risk Disclosure Document titled Risk Disclosure Documentpdf - NSE (Derivatives Segment) before considering any option transaction. Call your local Arihant office or write to Arihant Capital Markets Ltd, 6, Lad Colony, Indore-452001, Madhya Pradesh, India, for a current copy.

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Did you know?

Equity derivatives offer the opportunity to earn extra income in shares, or to protect the value of existing shareholdings.

We can help you device derivative strategies best suited for your needs*



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