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Invest independently

We have made trading in equity easier for you.

Whether you are an experienced investor, a seasoned investor or just a beginner, you can invest independently and build your portfolio with our robust tools and resources.

Our comprehensive research and tools will help you select investments, evaluate opportunities and develop investment strategies.  You can make well-informed investment decisions and manage your account with the maximum convenience and help from our unbiased and comprehensive research, sophisticated online tools, the latest market news and analysis and more.

We provide you multitude channels to trade in equities

Investment Channels

Features and benefits

When you open a trading account with Arihant, you can be sure of getting the best. We ensure ease and convenience from opening of the account, to accessing research to execution and settlement of your trades.

Our trading accounts are designed to meet the individual needs of investors and to provide you an edge in the markets.

  • Multiple exchanges: Access to NSE and BSE shares and derivative trading
  • Excellent research support: Benefit from comprehensive actionable research to help you make smart investment decisions
  • Information on fingertips: Get daily market news, perspectives and analysis, latest market happenings and their impact and live market commentary
  • Advice: Get investment advice based on a whole range of investment options
  • Efficient execution and settlement: Online, on the phone or in person – no matter how you choose to trade with Arihant, we ensure speedy execution and timely settlement of trades
  • Balance and positions: Get easy access to all your accounts. Get a combined view of your trading account and balances, track your portfolio and all your capital gains and losses throughout the year online – 24/7
  • Cash management: At Arihant making deposits, withdrawals and cheque writing is simple, fast and efficient.  Get convenience of depositing funds the way you prefer – electronically, by cheque or by wire*

Get Started -  Open an Account

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Please read the Risk Disclosure Documentpdf titled Risk Disclosure Document before considering any equity transaction.