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PMS ARI-growth

Key Features

  • Ideal for investors with medium risk appetite, are willing to assume slightly higher risk for potentially higher returns and with an investment horizon of more than 12 months
  • Objective is to generate capital appreciation over the medium to long-term
  • Focus is on investing in sound companies with growth opportunities and the potential to outperform
  • This portfolio consists of a blend of good blue-chip and growth stocks with varying market capitalisations and in different sectors to ensure a balanced, well-diversified portfolio

Product Investment Approach

At Arihant, we adhere to a standard investment philosophy for all our investment product and advisory services. 

The investment approach for ARI-Growth offering include:

  • Building a portfolio that manages risk while maximising long-term performance.
  • Creating a well-diversified portfolio with a select a mix of investments to provide you with the best possible returns.
  • Using bottom-up approach to stock selection, and screening based on financial health, earnings visibility and management credibility.
  • Using cash as an effective portfolio management tool.

The stock selection process starts with fundamental analysis of companies. It includes management meetings and company visits to get full insights into companies, rather than depending on just quantitative analysis.

Investment Philosophy

Product details
Minimum corpus Rs. 5 lakhs in cash or approved securities
Additional investment Investments over Rs 5 lakhs to be in multiples of Rs 50,000
Fee structure* Fixed fee - 1.5% of NAV
Brokerage - @ .25% of transaction value
Performance fee - 10% share in profit above the minimum profit of 10% with higher watermarking
Billing frequency Fixed fee – proportionately every quarter on the basis of weighted average NAV for the quarter
Performance fee – annually or termination, whichever is earlier
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*Statutory charges, turnover charges, service tax, stamp duty etc are charged as applicable
Any and all facilities/services/offers mentioned on this webpage are subject to specific Arihant terms and conditions. The features/charges and offerings of the product are indicatory and may change from time-to-time. You are advised to contact any Arihant office to obtain and understand the applicable terms and conditions and/or any questions you may have with regard to any information contained on this webpage.