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How the service works?

It is quite simple.....

Our executive will sit with you and to understand what exactly you are trying to achieve: whether you want income, growth or a combination of the two, the level of risk with which you feel comfortable and whether our service is appropriate for you.

If you decide to proceed, your portfolio will be managed by our specialist investment team, who will look it over constantly, reacting instantly to changes and taking investment decisions on your behalf. It’s a discretionary service in which your portfolio manager has unrestricted control over your portfolio and manages it without bothering you with day-to-day decisions.

We understand that having discretionary control over your portfolio places great responsibility on us; therefore each investment decision is taken with a great degree of expertise and care. We employ a disciplined investment approach that focuses on growth coupled with safety of capital. The Investment decisions are based on many years of experience, a deep understanding of the market and the latest, most comprehensive investment research.

Transparency in reporting

Transparency in reportingOur comprehensive reporting ensures that you are kept informed at all times. You receive regular updates and a comprehensive report on your portfolio, allowing you to track its performance and activity in it. This compares favourably to conventional managed funds, where you do not have full information on the underlying investments.



Each month, you will receive a report of your portfolio containing:

  • A summary of the major activity on your portfolio
  • Portfolio performance
  • Portfolio valuation
  • Investment transactions
  • Corporate actions like dividend, bonus, etc
  • Asset allocation – asset, sector and company-wise allocation

These reports are generally sent within a week of the end of the month and also emailed.

How our professionals work with you

How our professionals work with you

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Did you know?

Emotion can be the worst enemy of the investor, leading them to buy and sell exactly at the wrong time