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Key Features

ari-Trade , Arihant's online equity trading solution, provides you all the tools you need to execute stock market trades in an instant. You get:

  • The option to trade in a broad range of products - equities, derivatives, IPOs
  • Instant credit and money transfer
  • Access to research and advice when you need it
  • A dedicated service team to make investing easier and comfortable

Trade with the best

ari-Trade is an easy-to-use yet sophisticated online equity trading portal that is fully integrated and equips you with a wide array of analytic, research and order management tools – you can access anytime, anywhere.

With ari-Trade you will have access to a powerful, cutting-edge trading system that is also refreshingly intuitive, easy to navigate, and user-friendly.

Plus, you get complete support from our dedicated online trading team to make trading easier and an enriching experience for you.

You'll have

  • Access to real-time streaming quotes and market depth
  • Instant order execution and confirmation facility
  • Advanced charting tools to help spot emerging trends in real time
  • Integrated back office, DP and trading account
  • Access to your accounts even when you are away from your workstation through Arihant online backoffice
  • The convenience of seeing all your contract notes online
  • Alerts and reminders to make smart decisions
  • Real time order status screen so that you always know where you stand
  • 24/7 access to all your trading activities and financial reports
  • Live intraday and position calls
  • Risk management tools like conditional orders and alerts to help protect your profits and limit losses
What you can trade


Whether you're a beginner or a trader, trade quickly and conveniently with an online tool that's smart, fast and dynamic.
Get the benefit of smart order routing. Pursue a wide range of options trading strategies with speed and ease.
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Say goodbye to paperwork. Invest in an IPO anytime anywhere, with complete ease.
Trade with ease and control. Get the support and information to quickly let you spot potential opportunities and act on them fast.
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It's so easy to get started

Simply open an account and you can be trading the next day*.

Choose the trading account that suits your needs. For active traders with high volumes we have Trading Master trading account. For investors with low-medium trading volume we have the Invest Easetrading account. Each has a different trading platform to ensure that you get uninterrupted access to stock prices and an execution facility that’s best for you.

You will also need an Arihant demat account to trade online with ari-Trade.

See for yourself just how easy ari-Trade is to understand and use.

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If you have any queries or need more information, please send an email to: online.trading@arihantcapital.com


* Your trading account can be activated on the same day if you already have a demat account with Arihant.
Features of the product may change. Arihant constantly updates its online trading platform to provide you a better service.

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Key Features

So you never miss out on a great deal

ARIHANT Messenger

Arihant’s Online Messenger provides you information on the fingertips. This facility is exclusively for Arihant clients and provides active traders

  • Live intraday trading and investment calls
  • BTST and Derivatives Strategies

Ways to trade

We offer secure and flexible online trading as well as complete phone trading facilities, so you never miss out on a great deal.

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Research support

We provide you complete research support to help you make smart investment decisions.



Not comfortable with internet?

Don't worry, we will appoint a relationship manager for you who will execute orders for you on phone or if you want you can visit any of our branches.