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Trading platforms

Make the most of every trade with Arihant.

Whether you’re an experienced investor or just starting out, we have a trading account to suit your investment needs.

Are you a Trader?
Are you an Investor?
trading Master
The Advanced Trading Account
invest Ease
The Online Investment Account

Get an edge in today's fast moving markets

Experience the power, speed and reliability of Arihant’s advanced online trading platform tailored for active traders.

Our trading Master trading platform is designed exclusively for active traders and offers our best combination of low brokerage, powerful tools, fast performance, and dedicated service.  

Every second counts in the market, so we bring you real-time, tick-by-tick stock price movements. The sophisticated charting tools live intraday calls, and a host of other advanced features will assist you in your analysis and will help you make informed trading decisions.

You can also trade in equities and derivatives on a single platform. Get started today!

Invest easy with Arihant’s powerful and easy-to-use web-based trading platform is designed specifically for investors.

Our invest Ease trading platform is an exclusive offering for investors and beginners in stock market giving you the benefit of an easy-to-use trading terminal right on your desktop.

You get live quotes and efficient execution of your trades with instant confirmation and access to a user-friendly order status screen.

invest Ease offers you amazing comfort while investing in equities.

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Did you know?

An investor using a simple long-term investing strategy can save a lot to taxes.

If you keep your investments for more than a year, you save on Long Term Capital Gains Tax.

We want you to make the most of your investments.