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What You can expect

Excellent Customer Service
The luxury of choice
Investment Advice

Our dedicated mutual fund team will help you with everything you need to invest in mutual funds. No matter what your query or requirement is you can expect knowledgeable, polite and timely service.

Our service does not end once you have made the investment. Our executives:

  • Make sure that you receive your statements and dividends on time.
  • Regularly monitor your portfolio.
  • Help you if you have other investment needs.
Do you know?
  • Equity funds should only be considered for long-term investment needs as their values fluctuate in reaction to the activities of individual companies and general market and economic conditions.
  • Bond fund values fluctuate in response to the financial condition of individual issuers, general market and economic conditions, and changes in interest rates. Generally, when interest rates rise, bond fund values fall and investors may lose principal value.
  • Some funds, including non-diversified funds and funds investing in foreign markets, high-yield bonds, small and mid cap stocks, and/or more volatile segments of the economy, entail additional risk and may not be suitable for all investors.
  • Diversification does not assure or guarantee better performance and cannot eliminate the risk of investment losses.

Consult a mutual fund's prospectus for additional information on these and other risks.